365 days of mini-writing bricks

The yellow scarf, the magnificent detail.
The handbook of nature study.
How to write a cameo poem.
Lia Purpura’s writing journal.
Poetry exercise from Charles Simic.
Poetry prompt after Czeslaw Milosz.
Poetry prompt after Naomi Shabib Nye.
Four CNF prompts.

Things I’ve Learned From Other Writers

Joyce Carol Oates, writing the grotesque.
Walter Benjamin, living history.
Jerome Rothenberg, ethnopoetics.
Heriberto Yépez, speculative time.
Paul Celan, turning of the breath in a poem.
Mary McCarthy, use of memory.
Allan Gurganus, taking things personally.
Ryan Ruff Smith, using footnotes to undercut narrator in CNF.
Elisabeth Weiss, using hybrid form for erased women.

Longer Craft Notes & Lists

- Fear vs. anxiety and unwritable characters.
- 20 thoughts on writing fiction.
- Time, Marx, machines, love, tonsils.
- Writing the american evangelical + short fiction randoms.
- 20 writing experiments you can do in a closet on a family vacation.
- 10 writing inspirations in case thanksgiving dulls your pen.
- 11 strange fiction/nonfiction writing prompts.

- Using fraudulent artifacts as form for poetry, prose, and memoir. Including list of linked examples, prompts, and publications that
publish innovative forms.
Great craft essays on writing essays, memoir, and CNF. Including links to PDFs for some of the essays.

- Crib sheet on assembling a poetry collection.

- 11 writers who address miscarriage, child loss, pregnancy loss, and abortion.
- The art of enumeration: List stories I love.
- 21 flashes I adore.
- Innovative forms to narrate marriage.
- The abecedarian of abandoned (yet still possible) epigraphs.

my writing life

An alternate take on hotels and sex.
Dicktat and the dick-tater-tot. A political pamphlet.
Book launch and miscellany at Art Town.
Minor Ninth”.
Marriage, poetry, and how that poem happened.
New Orleans Poetry Festival 2017.
On the line between autobiography and fiction.
On kissing.
On not wanting to be your BFF.
On my husband’s sleep habits.
Reading a poem from the new manuscript: video.
What happened on June 21, 2018.
Held in reserve: Visiting the vets, c. 2011.
Writing beyond Victorian sexual tropes: "I Enjoy Nineteenth Century Novels."


Phantom Hour by James Meetze
Slight Exaggeration by Adam Zagajewski

poems in dialogue

“[9]” and 3 other other prose poems by Yoel Hoffmann
“S M” by Alice Walker
Free Union” by Andre Breton
Encounter” by Czeslaw Milosz
Plans, Reports” by Adam Zagajewski
In Black Despair” by Czeslaw Milosz
Forget” by Czeslaw Milosz
Indiscretion” by Ewa Lipska
Why We Must Struggle” by Kay Ryan
"The Bitter Truth" by Michael Blumenthal.