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"On masks, being an outsider, and dread: An interview with Alina Stefanescu" (Former Cactus, June 2018)

"Dreaming in utero", Mr. Bear's Violet Hour Saloon (Jan. 9, 2018)
In which Mr. Bear reads from Alina Stefanescu's equally bewitching and unsettling book "stories to read aloud to your fetus" from Finishing Line Press. A piercing fusion of ancient magic and modern bodies, love and pain, certainties and the unknown, these half-poem, half-fairy tale seedlings birth a new mythology to swim through your blood, passing secrets through your veins.

"12 or 20 questions with Rob McClellan" (August 2017)

"We Shall Overcome" series (Les Femmes Folles, July 2017)
Alina discusses Stories to Read to Your Fetus and writing the resistance of female bodies.

"Object of Derision Feature", Noble Gas Quarterly (Issue 203.2)

"The color of missing"Mr. Bear's Violet Hour Saloon (#104, July 26, 2016) 
In which Mr. Bear reads the shimmering work of Alina Stefanescu, where sunsets and birds and stamps and mothers-in-law and boats are tied together with threads of light, color, missing, desire, searching, secrets almost translated. These stories are like looking at your heart through a kaleidoscope — prepare to be dazzled.

Pidgeonholes interview (November 2016)

Daily Poet interview with Dustin Pickering (March 2016)

Driftwood Press interview (Spring 2015)

Anchor & Plume Press interview with Faith Sundquist (January 2016)

"Objects In Vases Q & A"Speaking of Marvels (September 2016)

"#Feature Friday: Alina Stefanescu", Ink In Thirds (May 2016)

Survey Time Quarterly Q&A  (Spring 2015)


creative nonfiction

Dear Wigleaf” (Wigleaf postcard, 2018)

"Mother I Make Up" (Longleaf Review, 2018) Nominated for Best of the Net 2018

"Six Gravel Roads" ((b)OINK, 2017)

"The Story Line" (Mutha Magazine, 2017)

"You Have Changed"ChangeSeven (March 2016)

"Black Widow in Birmingham" (Airplane Reading2015)

"Bunicu Does Orange Beach" (Birmingham Arts Journal, 2015)

"Castings" (3 Elements Review, 2014)

"Mothers Who Die" (Ginosko Literary Journal, 2015-2016)

"The Story Behind The Story: Mother-In-Law Collection" (Fiction Southeast, Fall 2015)

"Postcards Against Purity" (Catapult, June 2017)