“The Fairy Tale My Favorite Editor Rejected” (F[r]iction)- forthcoming

“SOA” (Bending Genres)- forthcoming

Minor Writers” (Hypertext)

That One Time He Wore the Jersey” (Midway Journal)
Finalist for the Flash Fiction Prize

Charlie Went to Montana” and “A Story That Foregrounds Dusk” (Random Sample Review)

Something I Could Have With Low Probability” (NELLE)

While Celebrating Our Anniversary At the Greek Restaurant” (Litro Magazine, Flash Friday Feature)


"Asylum Junkies" (Dime Show Review)

"Clutchings" (Necessary Fiction)

"Colors You Keep Home" (O: JA&L)

"Facebook Post #917" (Former Cactus)

"I Enjoy Teaching Nineteenth Century Novels" (The Write Launch)

"I Have Given Myself to Multiple Lobbies" (Former Cactus)

"Long Flight" and "Warlock vs. Cognitive Therapy" (Juked)

On A Rooftop in New York” (matchbook lit)

"Seven Strains and a Tritone" (DIAGRAM)

"Six Things That Suddenly Matter" (Paper Darts, Vol. 7)

"The Difference Between a Window and a Mirror" (Wraparound South)
Nominated for Best of the Net 2018

The Woman With a Box at the Church” (Wigleaf)

"Two Brunettes" (Ellipsis)


"A Useful List for Those Who Wish to Imagine Rural America" | tap magazine | 

"About the Author" and "Conversation with Spouse Concerning Dolly Parton" (Menacing Hedge)

"Andreea's Road Trip" (Jam Tarts)

"Anger Hole No One Sees Coming" and "These Are Scenes From A Panel"  (F.A.L.D.)

"All Those Love Notes Swarm Like Insects" (Pif Magazine)

"At Inappropriate Hour", "In the Car I Savor Scars", and "We Are Not What They See We Are" (Posit Journal)

"Catalpa Trees" (Lost: ReflectionsMedusa's Laugh Press anthology)

"Fetus with a Special Purpose" (New Orleans Review Online)

"Holding" (Mulberry Fork Review)

"Hush Hush Hush" (NANO Fiction)

"Inventory for Good Relationships (OCCULUM)

Our Friend, Mia” (The Gravity of the Thing)

"Places We Fracked" (Disclaimer Magazine)

"Pop-Ups" (New Orleans Review Online)

"The Idea", "The Fetus Who Yearned to Be a Puppy" and "In Your Truck, A Memory" (New South

"Thirty Minutes" (FLOCK)

"To the Child on the Sailboat, From the Woman on the Shore (Flash Fiction Magazine)

"Tuica" (Duende)

 "Woman Rendered Speechless By Sunset", "Something About Sunshine in Scrapyards" and "The Subject Will Rise" (Noble Gas Quarterly)


"4 children" (Airgonaut)

"2 lovers on a hill in Romania" (Firefly)

"A Sport We Use to Pass Time" (Shadowgraph Quarterly)

"Bloody Fingers" (Chicago Literati)

"Cabin Pressure" (Full of Crow)

 "Camomiles" (Ink In Thirds)

"Carpool" (PoemMemoirStory)
Honorable Mention, Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers

"Dear Committee for the Socialization of Illegal Aliens" (Split Lip Magazine)

"Family Is An Email With All Caps" (POTLUCK Magazine)

"God's Little Button" (Coup D'Etat)

"Hubcap, Frog, and Luna Moth" (Parcel)
Honorable Mention, Helen Magazine Short Story Prize, 2015

"If You Want to Be A Trapeze Artist" (Apocrypha & Abstractions)

"Letter To A Midwestern Artist" (Jellyfish Review)

"Not Quite the Flower You Planted" (The Machinery: A Literary Collection)

"Once and the Wench" (Airgonaut)

 "Our Friend, Mia" (The Gravity of the Thing)

"P.C.B." (Cease, Cows)

"Pilgrimage: United Airways Flight From Denver" and "Pilgrimage: Wolf Bay, Alabama" (Right Hand Pointing)

"Preschool Remembered in Hashtags" (Penny Magazine)

"Rehearsings" (Reservoir)

"Rental Units" (Zodiac Review)

"The Girl In A Line", "A Lover of Aspen" and "Trash Thieves" (Sleet Magazine)

"The Hammock Half" (Litbreak)

"The Story I Will Never Tell You" (Every Day Fiction)

"Things I Didn't Say", "Over My Shoulder" and "The One Who Changes" (Connotation Press

 "Tinder" and "Your Superior" (Corium Magazine)
Nominated for Best Small Fictions

"Toketwat" (Minola Review)

"Two Faces" (Journal of Compressed Creative Arts)

 "Wind Words" (Change Seven)


"7 Stories About Girl Scars" (Tinge

"Doppelgänger" (*82 Review)

 "Global Outreach" (Mulberry Fork Review)

"Me and Birdie" (Broad! Magazine)

"Me and Razvan Petrescu", "Me and Norman Manea", and "Me and Andrei Codrescu" (Small Po[r]tions Journal)

"Mother-In-Law Collection" (Fiction Southeast)
Finalist, Fiction Southeast 2015 Editor's Prize

"My Name Is Not Rita" (Sandy River Review)

"Owls" (Rivet Journal)

"People We Saved" (Gravel)

"Purple Comforter" (Liminoid)

"The Letter Under the Sierra Club Magnet" (CHEAP POP)

"The Professor's Sabbatical" (Dirty Chai Magazine)

"The Story That Starts Off Y.A." (Zero Flash)

"White Tennis Shoes" (New Delta Review
Winner of Ryan R. Gibbs Award for Short Fiction

Catapult, "A Guide for Single Mothers That Never Want to Get Married" (June 2017)

Collective Exile"The Summer of Inevitable Dada" (Summer 2014)

LockjawCYOA part 5.11 (Spring 2015)