Southern Women's Review: "craiglist in birmingham" 

Crab Creek Review: “I : Say : Thread”

North American Review: “Unamerican Litany”

Scalawag: “Poet Laureate of the Landfill”

Virga: “Lust Is Grief” & “Reading Walden to My Daughter in the Sky”

Poet Lore: “Men Say the Strangest Things To Me” & “Failure To Conjugate”

Aboveground Press Anthology: “14 Monostichs Make a Fruitcake” & “I Wanted An Emptying Out Poem”

The Blue Nib: “In Mangle’s Orchard: A Revisioning” and “The Burden of My Star”

Miletus: “Modification to the Third Degree in Hypothetical Key”

Poached Hare: “When I Say Momming, I Mean Being”


Proper Fugue” (River Heron Review)
Winner of the 2019 River Heron Review Poetry Prize

“Things They Carried” (Southern Humanities Review)

My Polish Child” (Whale Road Review)

“Sul ponticello” (Prairie Schooner)
“Playing Possum” (Prairie Schooner)
“Me & The King” (Prairie Schooner)

Women At Forty, Etc,” (Ink & Nebula)

Against the Permanence of Portraits, We Posed Snapshots” (Free State Review)

Three Ways of Waking” (Up the Staircase Quarterly)

The First Time His Face Does It” (Bomb Cyclone)

Something Malnourished in Our Hands” (Trampset)

Liberty Leading the People” (Rise Up Review)

“Children, I” (Public Poetry 2019 Prize Anthology)
Finalist for 2019 Public Poetry Prize
“About Last Night (And the Others)” (Public Poetry 2019 Prize Anthology)
2nd Runner-Up for 2019 Public Poetry Prize

“Fear Has No Hospice” (Streetlight Magazine)
Finalist for the 2019 Streetlight Poetry Prize

Reading Canned Tomato Labels and Wanting To Die” (Gold Wake Live)

I Cut My Hair in the Community Garden” (Sinking City Magazine)

The Poem, Afraid” (Burning House Press)
Aubade with Def Leppard” (Burning House Press)
The Mother Test No One Talks About” (Burning House Press)

Heartbeat of Hammered Dulcimer” (Poetry Breakfast)

Ravage” (Empty Mirror)
What I Sought in Bucharest, Summer of 1990” (Empty Mirror)

Scene From a Birmingham Diner Rated Four Stars By Zagat” (SWWIM)

Alabama, I Knew” (phoebe journal)
Finalist for the 2019 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest

At Rodin’s House” (Qu)

L5-S1” (Soft Cartel)
gospel of positive thinking” (Soft Cartel)

“Lunch Box Note for Micah” (Exit 7)
“Cosmology I” (Exit 7)
“Cosmology III” (Exit 7)

“Poundcake” (Tilde)

Embouchure” (Forth)


6 Things You Can’t Give Up(Gone Lawn)

"Bomb Poem" (Tuck Magazine)
"The Fine Art of Playing Along" (Tuck Magazine)

“Kerygma” (Mantis)
”Minor Ninth” (Mantis)

Love Poem Disguised As Felted Acorn” (Duniyaadaari)
”Polytropos, Tuscaloosa”   (Duniyaadaari)
Concerning the Life Outside My Head” (Duniyaadaari)

“Marvel of Clear Plastic Mummies” (Riggwelter)

"relapse"   (Boston Accent Lit)
"heretic"   (Boston Accent Lit)
"augury" (Boston Accent Lit)

Things You Must Do Without Reminder” (Sweet Tree Review)



"Alabama" (Gravel No Outlet)

"At the Buddhist Poetry Reading" + "Marital Milestone" (FLOCK)

 "Avian Years" (Profane Journal)

"Bankhead At Midnight"  (Red Mud Review)

"Between One Refugee and Another" (Spilled Milk)
Nominated for Best of the Net 2017

"Blestem" + "Pastoral with Red Smudge" (Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review)

"blink and ball" (filling station)

“How to Own Yourself Without Becoming a Product” (Pilgrimage)
”When They Say You Should Be There” (Pilgrimage)

"I Could Not Explain the Abortion without Referencing Smaller Things" (Cloudbanks)
Nominated for Pushcart Prize

"I Didn't, I Won't, I'm Done"  (Uppagus)

"Instructions for the Man That Married a Foreign Dragon" (Les Femmes Folles)

“Little When” (Platform Review)
”Herbalist” (Platform Review)

"Longview From the State That Brings You Jeff Sessions" (Lines + Stars)

"Morning After Seeing the Declaration of Independence" (Iron Horse Literary Review)

"Not Squirrels in the Attic" (Public Pool)

"Ochre" (Snapdragon)

"To My Lovers" (Open Letters Monthly)

"When You Send an Email Asking for Money to Support That Mission Bringing Jesus to Romania" (Writer's Resist)

"Why I Like Complicated Positions" (b)OINK)

 "yellow stains 1” (Volt)
"yellow stains 2" (Volt)



"14 ways to approach a moon" (Straight Forward Poetry)

"A Memory Belonging to Robert Musil" (Cruel Garters)

"bonfire" (Fog Machine)
"sap" (Fog Machine)
"snip it" (Fog Machine)

"bunny bound" (Flag + Void)
"cyclamen" (Flag + Void)
"power over" (Flag + Void)
"tilt" (Flag + Void)

"Cantata Misericordium" (Half x Mystic Journal)

"Devotio" (POEM)

"Doina de Haiduc" (The Freeman)

"Doinas" (Pif Magazine)

"Drop After Drop" + "Litany with Lawnmower Noises" (Hollow)

"Family Is A Habit" (Unbroken Journal)

"first love, forte 'til finale" (Speaking of Marvels)

"fondles" (Journal of Compressed Creative Arts)

"For My Partner, Who Witnessed the Revolution Differently On Prime-Time"  (Landfill)

"How To Not Say and Keep Saying" (Whimperbang)

"I Don't Think We Should Use Words Like Meadows Anymore" (Matrix)

"In the Middling Alabama" (Lunch Ticket)

"Lexicon for Foreign Love" (Pidgeonholes): 
Best of the Net Nomination 2016

"On a November Night" (Cacti Fur)

"poignant" (Small Po[r]tions)

"Separate Bumper Stickers" (By&By Poetry)

"The Car Yet to Come" (Forage)
"Old Fashioned Objections to Poetry" (Forage)

"The Day After You Died in Amsterdam" (Softblow)
"The gaze" (Softblow)
"The glow of Hiroshima" (Softblow)
"To crave him" (Softblow)

"Those Who Love Raptors" (Hypertrophic Literary)
"Biggest" (Hypertrophic Literary)

"To You Whom I Fail" (Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal)

"two cars" (Ghost City Review)

"Words I Need From My Sister"  (ELKE Journal)
"This Night" (ELKE Journal)

"where was i" (Zoomoozophone Review)

"zelotipie" (visceral brooklyn)



6 letters to Arthur Rimbaud (Lockjaw)

"Analytic Posturing", a series of four survey poems (the NewerYork
Runner-up in tNY Press 2014 Bureaucratic Lit Contest

"Communion: Cupped Hands" (Kindred)

"Dint of Two Words"+ "Suburban Matins" + "Holy Bread" + "Note for the Female in the Plastic Surgeon's Office" (Eunoia Review)

"i watch dishes" (Third Point Press):
Best of the Net Nomination

"Incident Concerning a Poem by Frank O'Hara" + "The Men at the Bar" + "Whiter Curtains" + "Leftovers" (Logophile)

"Koinonia Farms" (Literary Bohemian)

"Listen to Me, Maria Calciu!" (Cider Press Review)

"Metallurgists, All" (Ginosko Literary Journal)

"not serge" (Moss Trill)

"oh lacrimosa" (Tower Journal)

"Pre-Survey Study Guide for Robots" + "Answer to Survey 61" (Avatar Review

"rrrrrrock" + "Our Vague and Vapid Love" + "Memory of a Panoramic View" (Dirty Press Review)

"Snake River" (Driftwood Press)

"The Ring in the Rain" (Lingerpost) + audio reading 

"Why Are You Crying?" + "Ghostless" (Atrocity Exhibition)

"While Being Painted" (Negative Capability Press)

Ghost Proposal"first love and i'm a liar" (Issue 6)



 translation of 2 poems by Constantin Virgil Banescu (jmwww journal)

"Birth of a Surrealist" (Jersey Devil Press)

"Everybody Loosens Their Bible Belt for The Super Bowl" (The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature)
"Treehuggers" (The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature)
"In That Book By Iris Murdoch" (The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature)
"While Still, Life" (The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature)

"Letter to an Unknowing Pissant" + "Soddy Daisy, TN" + "Stag Hunt" (Brickplight)

"Saudade for Our Seventh Year" (Quail Bell)