and there are things i can't believe...


Best of the Net
- "Mother I Make Up" (Longleaf Review, creative nonfiction 2018)
- "The Difference Between a Window and a Mirror" (Wrapround South, fiction 2018)
- "Marital Milestone" (Flock, poetry 2017)
- "One Refugee to Another" (Spilled Milk, poetry 2017)
- "Lexicon for Foreign Love" (Pidgeonholes, poetry 2016)
- "i watch dishes" (Third Point Press, poetry 2015)

Pushcart Prize
- "I Could Not Explain the Abortion Without Referencing Smaller Things" (Cloudbank Books, poetry 2018)
- "Oscar Dees, No Apologetics Please" (Anchor & Plume Press, poetry 2016)

Best Small Fictions
- "Your Superior" (Fiction, Corium Magazine, 2017)

Other Beautiful Things

Finalist, 2019 Kurt Brown Poetry Prize (AWP)
for poems from dor

Prizes for Books

Semi-finalist, 2019 Tomaž Šalamun Prize (Verse)
poetry chapbook: home * land * head

Finalist, 2017 Cobalt/Thumbnail Flash Fiction Chapbook Contest (Cobalt Press)
    flash chapbook: Stories Left Under Magnets

Winner, Best Poetry Book of 2016 (Alabama State Poetry Society)
    poetry chapbook: Objects in Vases published by Anchor & Plume Press

Winner, 2016 Brighthorse Fiction Collection Prize (Brighthorse Books)
    fiction collection: Every Mask I Tried On

Finalist, 2016 Gazing Grain Press Prose Chapbook Prize
    hybrid chapbook: Coliva

Finalist, 2016 Gazing Grain Press Poetry Chapbook Prize
    poetry chapbook: Words for Mornings After

First Honorable Mention, 2016 ASPS Poetry Prize
    poem: "For the Child Named After An Existentialist"

Finalist, 2016 First Annual Dirty Chai Chapbook Contest (Dirty Chai Press)
    fiction chapbook: I Saw. You Look.

Finalist, 2015 Fiction Chapbook Competition (Gertrude Press)
     fiction chapbook: I Saw. You Look.
Finalist, 2015 Robert Dana Poetry Award (Anhinga Press)
poetry collection: Defect/or

Semifinalist, 2015 Mary Ballard Poetry Prize (Casey Shay Press)
    chapbook: i watch dishes

Semifinalist, 2015 Press 53 Award for Poetry (Press 53)
    collection: Doinas, Doughnuts, and Icons 

Semifinalist, 2014 Mary Ballard Poetry Prize (Casey Shay Press) 
    letters in the margins

Prize for Singles

Finalist, 2019 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest (Phoebe Journal)
poem: “Alabama, I Knew

Finalist, 2019 Frank McCourt Prize (The Southhampton Review)
creative nonfiction: “The Girl Who Loses Green Things”

Finalist, 2018 1000 Below Flash Prose Prize (Midway Journal)
fiction: “That Time He Wore the Jersey”

First Prize, ASPS Spring 2018 Poetry Contest (Alabama State Poetry Society)
    poem: "Pinprick Aubade"

Finalist, 2016 Very Short Fiction Story Contest (Glimmer Train)
    fiction: "The Chance of That Happening"

Winner, 2015 Ryan R. Gibbs Award For Flash Fiction, Judge Anders Monson (New Delta Review)
    fiction: "White Tennis Shoes"

Honorable Mention, 2015 Helen Short Story Contest, Judge Tracy Guzeman (Helen Literary Magazine)
    fiction: "Hubcap, Frog, and Luna Moth"

Finalist, 2015 Fiction Southeast Editor's Prize (Fiction Southeast)
    fiction: "Mother-In-Law Collection"

Semifinalist, 2015 Atlantis Award (The Poet's Billow), Judge Devon Moore
    poems: "Watching the Wall Fall From Alabama", "The Communist At Catholic School", "A Memory Belonging to Bill Ayers"

Semifinalist, 2015 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest (Cutthroat)
    poem: "How It's Done"

Finalist, 2015 Black Warrior Review Poetry Contest, Judge Richard Siken
    poems: "Watching the Wall Fall From Alabama", "Introduction to Gender Studies",  and "I Remember and I Don't" 

Honorable Mention, 2014 Short Story Award for New Writers  (Glimmer Train
    short fiction: "Carpool"

Runner-Up, 2014 Bureaucratic Lit Contest (the NewerYork)
    poems: "Analytic Posturing", a series of four survey poems