and there are things i can't believe...

Prize for Singles

Winner, 2019 River Heron Review Poetry Prize (River Heron Review)
poem: “Proper Fugue”

Runner-Up, 2019 Streetlight Poetry Contest (Streetlight Magazine)
poem: “Fear Has No Hospice”

Finalist, 2019 Greg Grummer Poetry Prize (Phoebe Journal)
poem: “Alabama, I Knew

Finalist, 2019 Frank McCourt Prize (The Southhampton Review)
creative nonfiction: “The Girl Who Loses Green Things”

Finalist, 2018 1000 Below Flash Prose Prize (Midway Journal)
fiction: “That Time He Wore the Jersey”

First Prize, ASPS Spring 2018 Poetry Contest (Alabama State Poetry Society)
    poem: "Pinprick Aubade"

Finalist, 2016 Very Short Fiction Story Contest (Glimmer Train)
    fiction: "The Chance of That Happening"

Winner, 2015 Ryan R. Gibbs Award For Flash Fiction, Judge Anders Monson (New Delta Review)
    fiction: "White Tennis Shoes"

Honorable Mention, 2015 Helen Short Story Contest, Judge Tracy Guzeman (Helen Literary Magazine)
    fiction: "Hubcap, Frog, and Luna Moth"

Finalist, 2015 Fiction Southeast Editor's Prize (Fiction Southeast)
    fiction: "Mother-In-Law Collection"

Semifinalist, 2015 Atlantis Award (The Poet's Billow), Judge Devon Moore
    poems: "Watching the Wall Fall From Alabama", "The Communist At Catholic School", "A Memory Belonging to Bill Ayers"

Semifinalist, 2015 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest (Cutthroat)
    poem: "How It's Done"

Finalist, 2015 Black Warrior Review Poetry Contest, Judge Richard Siken
    poems: "Watching the Wall Fall From Alabama", "Introduction to Gender Studies",  and "I Remember and I Don't" 

Honorable Mention, 2014 Short Story Award for New Writers  (Glimmer Train
    short fiction: "Carpool"

Runner-Up, 2014 Bureaucratic Lit Contest (the NewerYork)
    poems: "Analytic Posturing", a series of four survey poems

Prizes for Books

Semi-finalist, 2019 Tomaž Šalamun Prize (Verse)
poetry chapbook: home * land * head

Finalist, 2017 Cobalt/Thumbnail Flash Fiction Chapbook Contest (Cobalt Press)
    flash chapbook: Stories Left Under Magnets

Winner, Best Poetry Book of 2016 (Alabama State Poetry Society)
    poetry chapbook: Objects in Vases 

Winner, 2016 Brighthorse Fiction Collection Prize (Brighthorse Books)
    fiction collection: Every Mask I Tried On

Finalist, 2016 Gazing Grain Press Prose Chapbook Prize
    hybrid chapbook: Coliva

Finalist, 2016 Gazing Grain Press Poetry Chapbook Prize
    poetry chapbook: Words for Mornings After

First Honorable Mention, 2016 ASPS Poetry Prize
    poem: "For the Child Named After An Existentialist"

Finalist, 2016 First Annual Dirty Chai Chapbook Contest (Dirty Chai Press)
    fiction chapbook: I Saw. You Look.

Finalist, 2015 Fiction Chapbook Competition (Gertrude Press)
     fiction chapbook: I Saw. You Look.

Finalist, 2015 Robert Dana Poetry Award (Anhinga Press)
poetry collection: Defect/or

Semifinalist, 2015 Mary Ballard Poetry Prize (Casey Shay Press)
    chapbook: i watch dishes

Semifinalist, 2015 Press 53 Award for Poetry (Press 53)
    collection: Doinas, Doughnuts, and Icons 

Semifinalist, 2014 Mary Ballard Poetry Prize (Casey Shay Press) 
    letters in the margins

Other Beautiful Things

Finalist, 2019 Kurt Brown Poetry Prize (AWP)
for poems from dor


Best of the Net
- "Mother I Make Up" (Longleaf Review, creative nonfiction 2018)
- "The Difference Between a Window and a Mirror" (Wrapround South, fiction 2018)
- "Marital Milestone" (Flock, poetry 2017)
- "One Refugee to Another" (Spilled Milk, poetry 2017)
- "Lexicon for Foreign Love" (Pidgeonholes, poetry 2016)
- "i watch dishes" (Third Point Press, poetry 2015)

Pushcart Prize
- "I Could Not Explain the Abortion Without Referencing Smaller Things" (Cloudbank Books, poetry 2018)
- "Oscar Dees, No Apologetics Please" (Anchor & Plume Press, poetry 2016)

Best Small Fictions
- "Your Superior" (Fiction, Corium Magazine, 2017)